Youcef Yahiaoui

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NameYoucef Yahiaoui
Date of birth28 August
Place of birth Batna - Algeria
Place of residence Algiers - Algeria
StudyApplied university degree in commerce international by University of Continuing Education – Algeria
WorkJournalist & TV host

Social Media




2015Technical certificate in electronic media by training center - Algeria
2012- Formation VIP Special training course in TV presentation with saoudian journalist – Amira Alfadl – by ALAAN TV
- Winner of 1st place best presenter TV in world Arabic by ALAAN TV
2010Formation of photography

TV Program

2020Producer Journalist and TV presenter at "Lina Tv" channel
2017-2020Producer a lot of the programs at "Aldjazairia One" channel
  • Mazal Elhal
  • Eldjazairia Show
  • Nass W Hikayat
  • Ghir Footha
  • Presenter of a tourist entertainment program – ELDJAZAIRIA BEACH
  • Presenter of entertainment program of stars – HASHTAG MAG
2015-2017Journalist and TV presenter at Echorouk Tv group media
  • Redacter of biggest morning program "Sabah Echorouk"
  • Presenter of culture and social media chronic at "Sabah Echorouk"
  • Presenter of special program TV of International Salon of Chocolate on Benna TV
  • Redacter of a special program for "Kazif Nights Festival"
February 2012Presenter one episode live of EXPRESS NAFSSAK program at ALAAN TV ( DUBAI )
March 2015 - September 2015Presenter and editor of – Sabah el watan at ALWATN TV October 2015 ( Algeria )
October 2015 - Presenter and reporter on ALMAKAM TV
- Responsible l of the international news section on ALMAKAM TV