Samar Bendaoud

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NameSamar Bendaoud
Date of birth7 February 1977
Place of birthAlgiers - Algeria
WorkDancing girl choreographer, and dance teacher & fitness coach
TypeJazz dance, classical, contemporary
Diploma- Sales engineer, Marketing specialty.
- Senior Technician in International Trade.

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Professional experience

Choreographer on the choreographic piece "J’ECRIS TON NOM"
Assistant choreographer, and dancing girl solo performer on the piece "JUBA 2" in the part of Constantine capital of Arab culture.
Choreographer of the musical "YASMINATES" as part of the 60th independence anniversary.
Animation of contemporary dance and jazz workshops as part of the 1st international song and dance festival in the world in Oued Souf.
Prize for the best choreography at the National Festival of Women's Theater in Annaba.
Choreographer on a children's play.
Choreographer on the theatrical play "ARFIA FI SAMT ELEIL" Bejaia national theater directed by Deraghela Djohra and text by Omar Fatmouche.
Dancing girl performs and choreographer on the choreographic piece "TROUBLES" as part of the opening of the international contemporary dance festival in Algiers.
Assistant choreographer on the theatrical play "EL DJAZAIR RIHLAT HOB", directed by Lazhar BELBAZ as part of the 50th anniversary of independence.
Dancing girl, performer and choreographer for International Dance Day.
Choreographer of the theatrical play "NISSA BILA MALAMEH" written by the Iraqi playwright Abdul Amir Achamkhi, adaptation by Rabah HAOUADEF and directed by Mohamed Islam ABBAS.
2011Dancing girl performs in the choreographic piece "ROUH EL DJAMILAT", choreographed by Nouara IDAMI (international contemporary dance festival in Algiers).
2010- Soloist in PETER PAN BALLET choreographed by Nouara Idami.
- Pas de deux, SHAHRAZADE ballet by FOKINE (international dance day) under the direction of Nouara IDAMI.
2009Choreographer of the musical film "ESSAHA" directed by Dahmane OUZID. Dancer performs in "SOUFFLE", dance fair in Algiers.
2003- Dancing girl performs "FOR WINGS" as part of the Zurich festival.
- Dancing girl performs "LES 100 ABRIS" as part of the year of Algeria in France.

Function occupied

2000 - nowadays- Dance and fitness teacher (classical, jazz, contemporary, oriental), at the SYLPHIDE studio and others.
- Choreographer / Dancing girl interprets in various events, associations and others.
2000-2002Professional dancing girl in the ballet "ARTS AND CULTURE".
1998-2000Choreographer / Dancing girl interprets in various events, associations and others....