Loth Bounatiro

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NameLoth Bounatiro
Date of birthMarch 1955
Place of birthCasbah, Algiers - Algeria
Study- Solid state physics in university of Oran
- Astronomy and space techniques at the Paris astronomical observatory
WorkAstronomer & scientific researcher

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1982He writes a book on "The synthesis of laser-satellite telemetry"
1986He joined the Center for Research in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Geophysics CRAAG
1986He directed a project entitled "The exploitation of photographic plates in the Algiers area"
1997He was a member of the New York Academy of Social Sciences
2000He publishes on his own account the following books: Astro ecology science of time and Ilm el mikat and the world clock
2001He is a teacher-researcher in aeronautics at the University of Blida
2002He is project manager, "Realization of a universal clock with GPS"
2003he became a member of the Scientific Council at the Ministry of the Environment and Regional Planning
2004he published his first theory
2020Discovering a medicament for "Colonna-Virus" with a team of Iraqi and Algerian research, and we are awaiting the official announcement

Reward and trophies

2005gold medal at the London International Exhibition of Inventions
2005gold medal in Brussels concerning the world clock
2006Two "2" medals at the International Exhibition of Inventions held in London
2007medal at the 56th Fair of technological innovations concerning his new project entitled: "Design of a new ideal city, ecological and natural paracatastrophes"