Mamoun Fellah

NameMamoun Fellah Arabic nameمأمون فلاح Date of birth1 June 1983 PlaceKhenchela – ALgeria NationalityAlgerian Higher Diploma(2)Promotion in full Professor position Higher Diploma(1)Diploma of habilitation thesis to supervise research “HDR” Field: Metallurgy and Material’s Engineering. Annaba University, Algeria WorkProfessor in Mechanical Engineering department Abbes LAGHOUR, Khenchela University Algeria Quick links Contact Phone+213 660 348 885 […]

Bachir Halimi

NameBachir Halimi Arabic nameبشير حليمي Date of birth1956 Place of birthMdaourouch, Souk Ahras – Algeria NationalityAlgerian WorkScientific researcher in computing Social Media Beginning He discovered a mistake in mathematics in the 1974 baccalaureate, which proved the correctness of his theory before the committee. Indeed, he was right and the error was corrected. Where do you […]

Loth Bounatiro

NameLoth Bounatiro Date of birthMarch 1955 Place of birthCasbah, Algiers – Algeria NationalityAlgerian Study- Solid state physics in university of Oran- Astronomy and space techniques at the Paris astronomical observatory WorkAstronomer & scientific researcher Social Media information 1982He writes a book on “The synthesis of laser-satellite telemetry” 1986He joined the Center for Research in Astronomy, […]

Samir Benaissa

NameSamir Benaissa Date of birth 20 September 1983 Place of birthBologhine, Algiers – Algeria NationalityAlgerian WorkNutrition specialist & Cellular and molecular physiology engineer & Coach Social Media Facebook Samir Benaissa Santé Life Style Santé Life Style OutDoor Diploma Sports Advisor 3rd-degree coach Cellular and molecular physiology engineer Weight management and clinical nutrition practitioner MASTER of […]

Noureddine Melikechi

NameNoureddine Melikechi Birthday1958 PlaceBoumerdès – Algeria NationalityAlgerian WorkUniversity professor & physicist Social Media information He is the Dean of the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology, and the Founding Director of the Center for Optical Sciences for Applied Research at Delaware State University. Professor Noureddine Melikechi has developed a new laser analysis technique for […]

Haba Belgacem

NameHaba Belgacem Date of birth1957 PlaceEl Oued – ALgeria NationalityAlgerian Higher Diploma(3)PhD in Solar Energy in Stanford University in the USA, California Higher Diploma(2)Master’s degree in Applied Physics in Stanford University in the USA, California Higher Diploma(1)Degree in advanced studies in physics in USTHB, ALgiers WorkScientific researcher Social Media ** Have 1500 patents ** His […]